Khorezm region

The largest cities of the Khorezm region are Khiva and Urgench.


– ancient city. In the X century, it was a major center of the Great silk road. The main attraction here is Ichan-Kala.

In ancient times, Khiva was divided into three parts: the fortress – Kunya-Ark, the suburb – Dishan-Kala and the city – Ichan-Kala.

Ichan-Kala, or open-air Museum, is surrounded by a fortress wall. Today it is a historical and archaeological Museum-reserve.

Along the streets – small workshops of artisans. Master classes in ceramic painting and jewelry are held here. Tourists can take part in the creative process, learn the subtleties of handwork and plunge into the life of artisans and people of art.

One of the newly constructed facilities is a new tourist center at the farm “Khiva korakul” in the village of Chinobod of the Khiva district. Here, guests really like Yurt houses that have all the amenities.

In the tourist center, as in the old days, fenced with a mud wall with a high gate, a tower with a height of 36 m is built, there is a modern hotel and restaurant.

Ecotourism enthusiasts are invited to ride camels and horses in the Kizilkum desert, along the salt lake by boat, go fishing, watch cockfights and sheep fights, and taste national dishes.