Шукруллоева Рано

поселок Терсак

Meet Rano Shukrulloeva, a young entrepreneur, age of 31. She lives in a full-fledged Uzbek family in the village of Tersak in the Samarkand region. She has 2 children. 

With the beginning of the tourist boom that swept Uzbekistan in 2018-2019, the Samarkand region has become a real center of attraction for tourists from all over the world. The local villages began to receive tourists, the road infrastructure was improved, new hotels were built. But for some time now, tourists have been attracted by rural life, local lifestyle and traditions, and family guest houses have competed with fashionable hotels in Samarkand.

And therefore, it is probably not for nothing that the family of Rano Shukrulloeva decided to open a family guest house in their native village in 2019. Their guest house was converted from their own house. A large cozy courtyard connected in a circle by several adobe houses. Everything is gathered in Uzbek traditions style. This is why guest houses in the village of Tersak are valued. Since the opening of the guest house in 2019, more than 500 tourists have visited their house. Most of them come from nearby regions. Before the pandemic, foreign guests stayed here. This is evidenced by the colorful photos on the walls of the rooms.

Rano Shukrulloyeva offers her guests to plunge into the traditional way of life of rural residents, participate in master classes on cooking national dishes, study the entire process of dairy production, take excursions through the picturesque mountainous area, to the top of the Tanga, enjoy the noise of the waterfall at the Amankutan pass and the freshness of spruce forests and picturesque forests, where you can meet rare animals listed in the Red Book.

The tourist season in the village of Tersak opens in March and lasts until October. The peak falls at the beginning and end of summer, tourists stay in groups and, as a rule, on weekends.  Today, the guest house of Rano Shukrulloeva is able to accommodate up to 12 people at a time. In the near future, we plan to take out a bank loan for the construction of another guest house. She came to this decision after participating in seminars organized by the Association of Private Tourism Organizations (APTA) with the support of the USAID Future Growth Initiative Project. During the classes, she learned a lot of valuable information for herself and for the development of the family business. 

The key to success in the tourism business, according to Rano, lies in the attitude to people. "Hospitality is the main feature of the mentality of the Uzbek people. Do not forget about this. Thanks to this feature, we are known all over the world, they want to come here and see all the beauty of nature, people and our architectural monuments," - our heroine believes.The success story was developed by the Association of Private Tourism Organizations of Uzbekistan (APTA) with the support of the USAID Future Growth Initiative Project.

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