Inobat Guzhieva

36 years, Zaamin

The heroine of our next Success Story is Inobat Guzhieva, 36 years old.  Has two children. Her husband was engaged in various types of entrepreneurship-from the production of ice cream and sweets to transport logistics. Inobat worked for many years in the sanatorium "Zaamin". She was engaged in collecting medicinal herbs.

In June 2021, Inobat and her husband took out a loan and opened their guest house.  The house is located 18 km from the sanatorium Zaamin in a mountainous area.

When asked why they chose the tourism sector with their family, Inobat answered without hesitation: "Because we love our district, we want to increase the level of culture and literacy of our residents, to accustom them to hospitality, cleanliness, and improve the infrastructure. After all, all this is interconnected."

During 5 days of training at seminars and trainings organized by the Association of Private Tourism Organizations (APTA) with the support of the USAID Future Growth Initiative Project, an enterprising resident of Zaamin has learned a lot of useful information and fully applies the knowledge gained in her new tourism business. And she loves her job and knows it.

Zaamin is a real tourist pearl of Uzbekistan. Clean mountain air, climate therapy, picturesque landscapes, many interesting objects for pilgrimage, including the ancient Boboengok hazel, the Uzimli-ota shrine, the Kainar-bulok holy spring and much more – all this is one of the few interesting things that Inobat can offer its guests.

The tourist season in the region opens in May, when all the wildflowers are blooming, and the air is still filled with spring coolness, and continues until mid-September.

Today, the guest house Inobat Guzhieva can accommodate up to 12 people. In the few months that the guest house has been operating, Inobat has received about 100 tourists.

In her immediate plans to open a new guest house, which is almost completed, only it needs to be equipped with everything necessary: modern furniture and household equipment. But this, as they say, is a matter of time.  And there are also plans to buy a roadster to transport tourists during excursions around the area or trips around the area, for example, to a sanatorium for medical procedures. Everything is for the convenience of tourists.

According to Inobat, many residents of large cities began to lose touch with the outside world, so everyone switched to gadgets and transferred their children to them. "I personally do not give children a phone, it takes them away from the outside world, makes them absent-minded and lazy. Look at what a beautiful country we live in. And how many new opportunities have been created for us and the future generation, " says Inobat.

The whole family is involved in the family business: husband, parents, brothers and daughters-in-law. Now they have a decent generation growing up, who, having received an education, will certainly continue the family business.

In a few months since the opening of the guest house, they were able to open up to 10 new jobs. The work is in full swing, and things are going uphill.

The success story was developed by the Association of Private Tourism Organizations of Uzbekistan (APTA) with the support of the USAID Future Growth Initiative Project.