Nasiba Muminova

30 year, Zaamin

Our new heroine of Success Stories is Nasiba Muminova, 30. She lives in the village of Tog-Terak, Zaamin district. She has three children. By profession Nasiba is a primary school teacher. Her husband works as the director of a local rural school.

A few months ago, Nasiba and her husband decided to open their own small guest house. They did not take a loan, friends and relatives helped. In June of this year, a guest house in an old style was opened. Despite the national flavor and archaic style, the house is very cozy, has 2 floors and is equipped with all the necessary amenities. This attractsmany tourists.  

According to Nasiba, relatives, sometimes neighbors, used to stay here in the house. Now, after 5 days of seminars and trainings

organized by the Association of Private Tourism Organizations (APTA) with the support of the USAID Future Growth Initiative Project, she and her husband have decided on their direction, to receive not just guests, but also tourists.

"Hospitality in Uzbekistan is an age-old tradition. And today it can even bring a good profit," - Nasiba believes.

To receive foreign tourists, you need certain knowledge and skills, to know the ethics of hospitality, to improve the quality of service, the principles of hygiene and sanitary safety. Nasiba received valuable information about all this at the trainings organized by the APTA.

Nasiba offers its visitors a wide range of services: excursions to the picturesque areas of Zaamin, visits to ancient pilgrimage sites, including: the ancient hazel Bobo Yongok and the Uzumli-ota and Togterak-ota shrines, visits to an ancient mill, a farm where you can watch the milking of cattle and the further process of making dairy products, growing agricultural products. In the house of Nasiba Muminova, you can enjoy the rich taste and flavor of local national dishes: kazan patyr, tandoor gusht, kazan kabob, etc. And most importantly, what attracts tourists to this area is the unique nature and healing air.

The tourist season in the village begins in May and lasts until the end of August. The peak season is July. Nasiba’s guest house can accommodate up to 10 people. The house is mostly used by large groups of 5 to 7 people, more often by families. As vaccinated, they come by on Friday and stay for the weekend.

In a few months after the opening of the guest house, more than 80 tourists stayed in the house. The opening of the guest house allowed to create 5 more jobs in the village.

Nasiba plans to open another guest house, also in an old style made of wood and brick.

"Tourists come here mainly to get better with the pristine nature, the national flavor and the local way of life of citizens. For them it is exotic, and for our tourists it is a return to the roots," - Nasiba believes.

But at the same time, she plans to improve her English skills so that the process of communicating with tourists becomes much easier.

The success story was developed by the Association of Private Tourism Organizations of Uzbekistan (APTA) with the support of the USAID Future Growth Initiative Project.